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Thank you for considering contributing to the Goallinestats project!

The work done on this site is purely a passion project for me, combining a love of hockey and statistics with a desire to learn how to program. The site is far from complete as I envision this site becoming a fun place for fellow hockey players, friends and family to enjoy a sort of news/social media hybrid while playing the game. The new blog feature will also be expanded as a way to pass on hockey information for every level, player, goalie, coach, or even fans.

If you like the site and want to help offset costs (or buy me a beer), go ahead and click on the PayPal donation button and it will take you to a Paypal donation page. If you like the site but don't want to contribute, that's fine too! Shoot me an email and let me know how I'm doing and what I can improve and I'll look into it.